Five Tips for Camper Newbies

Five Tips for Camper Newbies

1. Know What You’re Buying

It is important to know what you are buying. First you need to ask yourself, what camper BEST FITS MY NEEDS. What do I mean by this? You need a camper that best fits YOUR needs. Campers can contain bunk beds, additional living space, washer and dryer hookups, outside grill, outside shower, and more additional options. If you are living in your camper, you probably want a washer and dryer option. If you have children you might want to consider having bunk beds. Some camper brands are made to live in, while others are meant for weekend trips.

Here are some questions you might want to ask the RV dealer:

  • Does this camper have an artic package?
  • How much does this camper weight? Will my vehicle pull this camper?
  • What type of material is the camper built from (metal frame, wood frame, etc)?
  • What type of warranty does this camper come with?

2. Be Prepared to Pay

Be prepared in your budget to buy necessary supplies. Here is a list of what you need to purchase (each camper model varies; contact your local dealer and buy it online).

3. Slideouts are Wonderful

Slideouts create more space inside your camper. Some campgrounds will charge more based on how many slideouts you have. Some campground spots are larger than others.

4. Not all Campers are Created Equally

You will find during your camper travels that not all camper spots are the same. Some camper spots are going to be more accommodating than others. Spots can differ between space, power hookups, septic tank availability, cable hookups, and more. Some campgrounds are full and are booked months in advance.

5. Be Prepared for Maintenance

You will need to do maintenance on your camper. Campers are very similar to house, as far as maintenance is concerned. You will need to caulk the interior and exterior. Be prepared to flush the black tank before it reaches full capacity. The exterior should be routinely checked for caulk repair. Keep a close eye on components around the top of the roof. If you take your camper to a dealership for repair be prepared for the repair to take weeks/months. Sometimes when I call the dealership for repair, it can take months to get in. If you are having warranty work on your camper, some locations and companies the manufacture does not approve/support. This will leave you with a big bill or void your warranty on your camper.

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South Carolina State Museum

I love museums that are full of US history! This one is located in Columbia, South Carolina. The museum has three levels and each covers sections of history. My favorite part of this museum was all the historical artifacts.

Model of South Carolina during a certain era

All the models and pieces of history was amazing. I have yet to find a museum full of artifacts and figures like this one. You can view everything from old farm equipment to older vehicles and house appliances. So far this is one of the best museums I have ever been to!

Hilton Head Island

Before you enter Hilton Head Island, you must pay a toll in cash. The atmosphere on this beach is very relaxing. Hilton Head reminds you of a small family beach with nothing commercial around it. There is a small local shopping center with restaurants nearby. If you are looking for somewhere with a lot of historical sites or huge shopping malls, this is not the place. This beach is meant to rest, relax, and enjoy the sun.

The one thing that I loved about this beach was the recreation opportunities. Hilton Head contains a walking trail throughout the island (pictured above). There is a bike rental facility on the island and numerous bike parking areas. During my short trip on the trail numerous individuals were biking their commute instead of driving. Coligny Plaza contains numerous small mom-and-pop shops. You can purchase anything from t-shirts, pizza, hot sauce, chocolate fudge, candles, fish, and even go to the movies. During the time of my stay the movie theater was not open. The movies displayed at the time were mostly small film productions that I never heard of.

Beach House – Holiday Inn Resort

Pool Area of the Resort

Room Review

Without knowing where the hotel is located you can certainly tell by the theming it has to be near the beach. Beach House Holiday Inn Resort is located on ocean-front property on Hilton Head Island. You can tell by the pictures that the rooms are very clean and shampoo/soap/conditioner is all provided by the hotel. The rooms are laid out like a dormitory with large painted numbers on the walls.

Outside Recreation

This resort is fun for the entire family. There is nothing like dancing and listening to live music on the beach at night. Couples dance together as they hear the band and the calm ocean in the background. Not too far from the tiki hut is a large swimming pool area. Some nights through the week movies are projected in the pool area. Towels are provided near the pool entrance. Other activities are provided during the day like cornhole and giant family jenga. This hotel does not serve complimentary breakfast or lunch. Unlike other resorts of this type, this hotel is not all-inclusive. You must pay for any food or drinks at this resort.


Food quality varies when you visit. Either way I felt like the service was very poor. Most of the time you had to find your server to get refills or additional items. Do not get breakfast at this resort. It is very bland and the quality is lacking severally. Most of the busy times in the morning it can be very difficult to find a table. Dinner items taste nothing like the breakfast. The dinner items are better seasoned and have better quality.

Overall Resort Rating

⭐⭐ Check-in Experience – It takes forever to get checked in. Also there are a lot of hidden fees.

⭐⭐⭐ Food Quality – The breakfast is awful and the pancakes taste like sand. Dinner however is the best.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Room Quality – The room was amazing. Loved the theme that was added. Bathroom was good value considering cost.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Activities – Plenty to do around the resort. I did not see a volleyball net (that could have been because of the time of the year). Great view of the beach. Remember to bring your beach chair and towels from home.

The Earle of Sandwich Pub

During my time on Hilton Head Island, I was craving pub food. Of course, I do not drink so I do not have recommendations on alcoholic beverages. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. The service and atmosphere was incredible. Nothing can compare to vinegar on fish and chips. Just the perfect and right texture. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are around Hilton Head, SC.

Cowpens Battlefield

In Cowpens, South Carolina you can visit the Cowpens Battlefield. The Battle of Cowpens was a Revolutionary War battle between British and American troops. There is no park fee to visit the battlefield. Prepare to walk and carefully monitor the weather. Be prepared to walk through grass, paved and rock roads, and through the woods. Plaques located around the battlefield tell you where certain levels of soldiers were located. At the end of the trail you can see the outside of a log cabin and the history behind it. As you can see in the picture gallery below it is mostly field.