Beach House – Holiday Inn Resort

Pool Area of the Resort

Room Review

Without knowing where the hotel is located you can certainly tell by the theming it has to be near the beach. Beach House Holiday Inn Resort is located on ocean-front property on Hilton Head Island. You can tell by the pictures that the rooms are very clean and shampoo/soap/conditioner is all provided by the hotel. The rooms are laid out like a dormitory with large painted numbers on the walls.

Outside Recreation

This resort is fun for the entire family. There is nothing like dancing and listening to live music on the beach at night. Couples dance together as they hear the band and the calm ocean in the background. Not too far from the tiki hut is a large swimming pool area. Some nights through the week movies are projected in the pool area. Towels are provided near the pool entrance. Other activities are provided during the day like cornhole and giant family jenga. This hotel does not serve complimentary breakfast or lunch. Unlike other resorts of this type, this hotel is not all-inclusive. You must pay for any food or drinks at this resort.


Food quality varies when you visit. Either way I felt like the service was very poor. Most of the time you had to find your server to get refills or additional items. Do not get breakfast at this resort. It is very bland and the quality is lacking severally. Most of the busy times in the morning it can be very difficult to find a table. Dinner items taste nothing like the breakfast. The dinner items are better seasoned and have better quality.

Overall Resort Rating

⭐⭐ Check-in Experience – It takes forever to get checked in. Also there are a lot of hidden fees.

⭐⭐⭐ Food Quality – The breakfast is awful and the pancakes taste like sand. Dinner however is the best.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Room Quality – The room was amazing. Loved the theme that was added. Bathroom was good value considering cost.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Activities – Plenty to do around the resort. I did not see a volleyball net (that could have been because of the time of the year). Great view of the beach. Remember to bring your beach chair and towels from home.

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